Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thing #23

I am finished! I have really learned a lot and can't wait to share with my teammates and students this year. My favorite new items were Rollyo and Delicious. They will really help my students do research in a much more streamlined and practical way. Nothing really surprised me- a lot of things I had seen, but not done on my own before. I like the format. You can work at your own pace. This was a great way for me to get professional development hours while spending time with my family. I would absolutely participate in more professional developments like this! I would describe this experience as practical! It was a practical way for me to reach my students and a practical way for me to be professionally developed!

I can't wait to share many of these things with my students. My 4th graders love doing projects on the computer and I am going to focus on using the computer appropriately this year. They need to develop good netiquette at a young age. We use a lot of technology in science, and now I can have my students do more in depth research using some of the "things."

Thing #22

I looked at a couple of the Nings. They were very interesting and had a lot of relevant educational information. I do think I'll use them as a resource in the future. I do wish things were more streamlined. A lot of people don't want to use too many different networking websites.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thing #21

I created a photostory of pictures of my family. I was having a little trouble with the background music. I'll tweak it later. I need to get a microphone to add voice to the video. I want students to use this to share what they have learned in math and science. I want my students to teach each other.

Thing #20

Students love watching videos! I use a lot of discovery education videos. I plan on adding some of our science videos to our grade level blog so students can share what they learn with their families. Here is a great video about long division, something we spend a lot of time on.

Here is a teachertube video on multiplication.

Here is a video I created and posted on youTube a few years ago. It's of my son, who is now almost 4.

Thing #19

There were many sites that I have explored. I plan on using Delicious, Googlemaps, Craigslist, Rollyo, Facebook. I cannot wait to use all of these resources. My favorite 2 that I plan on using are Rollyo and Delicious to help direct my students to appropriate information and resouces on the web.

Thing #18

I plan on using GoogleDocs to create links in blogger. It is very seemless. Openoffice works well for students. We have a lot of versions of Office floating around our campus, and openoffice will take that confusion away. Can you add special fonts to openoffice? I feel like that is the disadvantage. I'm sure that the cost savings far outweigh that disadvantage. Students do not need to have access to all the bells and whistles of MS office.

Thing #17

Bruce Goodner's Rollyo video is very helpful! I plan on using this when we research Science. If will help keep students on task instead of trying to find appropriate websites.

Here is my rollyo.

Rollyo will really help my students research next year!